Shellshock is a concern for older servers – we have some help

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Oct 082014

Linux vendors have been scrambling to patch the now-famous <a title="Wikipedia: Shellshock (software bug)" href="http://en singulair″ target=”_blank”>Shellshock bash vulnerability since it came to light late last month. However, most vendors have no real idea how many of their older distributions are still in production, and still in need of security fixes.

If you have any older CentOS systems (3.9 or 4.8/4.9, the final releases of each of those versions), it might be a good idea to check out Lewis’ binary rpm releases of patched bash 2.05b (for CentOS 3.9) and/or 3.0 (for CentOS 4.8), available from the Rosenthal & Rosenthal FTP server.

More news may be found on Lewis’ blog, here.

Major reorganization at Norman

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Jan 192014

Wondering what was happening with my usual monthly Norman licensing report, I received the following in the January newsletter a few days ago:

As you might have been informed, Norman Shark has recently been acquired by Blue Coat Systems.
As Blue Coat will not be involved in any of our “Safeground” Business, this change forces us to restructure this Business in the US going forward.

We have decided to move the responsibility for this Business to our International Department.

Well, that answrered that question. It was only a couple of years ago that they consolidated North American offices to the west coast. Now, all of our renewals go thorugh Switzerland. No matter; aside from a couple days' delay, our January client renewals were processed and all is settling back to normal.