In the mid-1970’s, Lewis Rosenthal began servicing and programming Litton 1200 and 1300 series mini-computers in his father’s accounting office.
By 1985, the age of the microcomputer was underway, and Lewis moved with the tide into the realm of the IBM-compatible PC. By the late 1980’s, an emerging company in Provo, Utah, had become quite popular in the networking field. This company was Novell, Inc. With the formation of Rosenthal and Rosenthal in 1990, the network integration practice was well established, with clients in New York and northern Virginia.
In 1993, all in-house desktop systems were running IBM OS/2 (today, our desktop systems run Serenity Systems eComStation). The Company’s internal LAN and interstate WAN runs Novell Open Enterprise Server, and these operating systems have become the focus of the IT practice.
Lewis Rosenthal holds multiple certifications from Novell, and the company continues to service IT clients (ongoing maintenance, new installations, and limited engagement consulting) in New York, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, and New Jersey.

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