Custom Coding


What are your needs? We have talent available for the following scripting languages:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Perl
  • Java
  • REXX
  • CGI

We also have outside staff and associates with the ability to port C and C++ applications from one platform to another. If you have a legacy application which needs updating, patching, or conversion to the systems you are currently using, or if you have an existing web application which needs a component updated or created, contact us; we may just be able to help.

Need SQL conversion from one platform (or version) to another? Custom queries for specialized reports? Yes, we have resources for those kinds of jobs, as well. Have a Btrieve, R:Base, dBase, or SyBase database which needs to be converted? Discuss it with us.

Documentation & testing? No problem. If you’re working on a web development project yourself and need ancillary services (end user documentation, component customization, etc.), contact us. We’re here to help at rates which you should be able to build into your contracts without losing the deal.

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