The roots of the Company stretch back to the 1970's, when Craig Rosenthal worked in his father's New York and Washington, DC accounting offices as senior staff accountant. Lewis Rosenthal performed various computer-related tasks on the Litton minicomputers in the offices.

With the passing of their father in January, 1984, the Rosenthals partnered for a short period as Rosenthal Associates. By September of 1984, the New York office moved from Massapequa to Dix Hills. Soon thereafter, however, they divided the company with Lewis maintaining the New York office and Craig retaining the Northern Virginia office.

Craig continued to practice as a sole proprietor and an Enrolled Agent. He gleaned much valuable experience in real estate accounting and in his own real estate ventures, as well as in general practice.

Lewis expanded on the accounting practice by adding outside computer consulting services by 1986, and managed the last of the family real estate syndications in Brentwood, NY. He began programming custom Lotus 1-2-3 applications in 1987, and later refocused the practice on IT-related services.

The brothers formed Rosenthal & Rosenthal in 1990 with the melding of the two separate accounting practices and the purchase of another in Chantilly, Virginia. The Firm's first computer network installations were Novell NetWare 2.15c, and upgrades from NetWare 2.0a.

The Company headquarters moved from Chantilly to Middleburg in July of 1990. In-house tax preparation software consisted of CCH Computax's 1040 Solution for individual returns, while Business Tax Service in New York processed business returns.

In July of 1993, the Firm moved to its headquarters to Leesburg, Virginia. The following tax season, the Firm transitioned from the 1040 Solution product to ProSystem fx, and began processing business returns on the same system, in-house.

Today, both the Leesburg and Dix Hills offices continue to service both accounting and IT clients. The Firm handles accounting and tax matters for clients in 22 states, including New York, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, New Jersey, and Connecticut, while IT clients span the globe, covering a variety of technologies.

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