Feb 272016

It seems that each year, criminals become emboldened by their past successes, and 2016 is no exception to that rule. While not at the top of this year’s <a href="https://www singulair generic.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/IRS-Wraps-Up-the-Dirty-Dozen-List-of-Tax-Scams-for-2016″ target=”_blank”>IRS Dirty Dozen list of tax scams, phone scams are certainly toward the top of ours.The usual ploy is a telephone call from someone purporting to be from the IRS, telling you that either you are being sued by the IRS for some amount of money or threatening to arrest you if you do not pay the amount demanded.

Know that these are not official calls, and nobody from the Internal Revenue Service is doing this. This is particularly true if you have not received a Notice of Deficiency by mail (not by email, but by regular or certified mail, USPS).

The IRS has more on this on their site, here.

You should never provide any information to these thieves. Instead, just hang up.

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Phone Scams
Don't be fooled by imposters, posing as IRS employees.

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