Oct 172014

Upon reading Qualys’ entry regarding SSLv3 and POODLE, we have once again upgraded our web server and hardened its security.. We are currently running the latest available version of OpenSSL (1.0.1j), and have completely disabled the SSLv3 protocol. The net effect of this for visitors is that upon accessing either our client login page or our contact page, anyone still using Internet Explorer 6 will be unable to continue. Frankly, if anyone is still using IE6 in 2014, it really is time to upgrade to something more secure (for that matter, anyone using any Internet Explorer version should switch ASAP).

We again invite you to test our security rating on the well-respected Qualys SSL Labs site.

Article Name
SSLv3 disabled in response to POODLE
We have again upgraded our web server software to ensure the privacy and security of our clients' data transferred via our site.

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