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Problem 1:

You have two offices, and you travel between them. In each office you use a desktop system, and you don’t carry your files with you, instead relying on your trusty file servers – in each office – to maintain your precious data.

When you arrive at your other location, you sit down at your desk, and open that 200MB pdf you were just reading last night, in your main office. Unfortunately, you have to pull that entire file across your already-burdened broadband link, from one office to the other. Two minutes later, your file opens.

Problem 2:

You’re working in one office when the power goes out. The power company tells you that it might be a couple of days before power is restored, due to a transformer failure somewhere in the area.

You think of going to your other office to work, and realize that all of the data you need is on the server in the office with no power; your best option is to bring a backup tape with you to the other office and try to restore a copy there. Upon your arrival, your staff advises you that the tape drive is incompatible with the tape from your main office. You have no way of restoring the tape without retrieving the other tape drive and reconfiguring the server to access the backup.

Enter FileReplicationPro.

FileReplicationPro is an operating-system-neutral, 100% Java solution to remote file synchronization. In the background, as you work, your files – the ones you choose – can be silently and securely replicated to one or more remote locations, automatically. Changes to large files replicate quickly, because only the file deltas (the portions which have changed) are updated across the internet.

FileReplicationPro has more applications, however. The pages following should give you a good idea of what it can do for you, and how we fit into the design and support structure for a FileReplicationPro solution in your enterprise.

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