Why your financial advisor or estate planner probably isn’t your best bet for a tax preparer

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Jan 122018

Every so often, we have a client who decides to take advantage of so-called “bundled services” (kind of like bundling cable TV with telephone and internet services). Such “bundles” typically are offered by asset managers, financial planners, estate planners and other investment advisors, under the guise of “being part of the service.” But just what is that “service,” anyway? Continue reading »

Why Accountants and Telephones Don’t Get Along

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Mar 182016

A recent article in the CPA Practice Advisor cites a study of 2,234 people, conducted by “audio branding specialist” (whatever that means exactly) PH Media Group, which concludes that less than 24% of Americans who contact their accountants via telephone are satisfied with the manner in which their calls are handled. The article goes on to infer that as a result, accounting firms score an F in the area of phone skills this post. Continue reading »

OpenSSL Upgrade – October, 2014

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Oct 172014

Upon reading Qualys’ entry regarding SSLv3 and POODLE, we have once again upgraded our web server and hardened its security.. We are currently running the latest available version of OpenSSL (1.0.1j), and have completely disabled the SSLv3 protocol. The net effect of this for visitors is that upon accessing either our client login page or our contact page, anyone still using Internet Explorer 6 will be unable to continue. Frankly, if anyone is still using IE6 in 2014, it really is time to upgrade to something more secure (for that matter, anyone using any Internet Explorer version should switch ASAP).

We again invite you to test our security rating on the well-respected Qualys SSL Labs site.

Warpstock Corporation 501(c)(3) status approved

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Jul 282014

As Treasurer of Warpstock Corporation, I am truly pleased to be able to announce that Warpstock’s non-profit status has been approved.

The initial filing went in sometime in 2007, though our check was never processed. We then received a letter from the Service some months later, advising us that the application was pending review, and that they would follow up if additional information was needed. At some point after that, I recall another letter, requesting some additional information (nothing serious), then all went silent. Subsequent inquiries were met with no response.

A second filing of the same application similarly met with no response. Finally, in February of 2013, fully 18 months ago, we filed a fresh 1023. This time, our application fee was processed, and we did get a letter acknowledging receipt. A subsequent telephone call to the Service some months later confirmed that the application was indeed in the queue.

Last Friday, I received the notification letter, though it indicates that this was a reinstatement of a previous revocation in May of 2010, under Rev Proc 2014-11, which is the new streamlined process for reinstatement subsequent to an automatic revocation due to non-filing of the Form 990 for three years. However, not only did we never receive a previous approval, we never received a revocation notice, either. There is no sense in arguing the point, however, as all contributions made to Warpstock since May of 2010 are considered fully tax deductible to the extent allowed on each donor’s return.

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OpenSSL Upgrade

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Jun 122014

Following <a title="SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224)" href="http://www.openssl singulair medication.org/news/secadv_20140605.txt” target=”_blank”>OpenSSL’s security advisory concerning several flaws in versions of the popular encryption toolkit prior to 1.0.1h, we have upgraded our web server again. We are currently running the latest available version of OpenSSL to ensure your privacy and security while logged onto our site.

We again invite you to test our security rating on the well-respected Qualys SSL Labs site.

Heartbleed Issues

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Apr 232014

By now, many of you have likely heard of the so-called “Heartbleed” bug in the popular OpenSSL encryption library. Essentially, this vulnerability allows an attacker (either a malicious client – web browser or other local application – accessing a server or a malicious server communicating with a client) to read a small segment of memory on the afflicted machine. This memory may contain sensitive information or it may contain nothing of much use to anyone.

While the vulnerability was apparently in the code for some time, it did not become common knowledge until earlier this month. You should know that we immediately took steps to correct our affected systems, and have continued our analysis of the situation to ensure that all of our publicly-accessible (and publicly-accessing) systems are secure.

We invite you to test our security rating on the well-respected Qualsys SSL Labs site.

We want you to know that we take the privacy and security of your information very seriously, and will continue to monitor and make every effort to maintain the integrity of our systems.

Site security

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Feb 152014

Part of the site redesign plan is to incorporate client portal services, providing a facility for clients to securely upload ans download files, and get other information, uniquely tailored for them. Of course, without some form of encryption, this would not be possible. While we are still in the testing phase of our portal services, all portal pages are encrypted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and our security testing has been most successful.

Site redesign

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Jan 182014

Welcome to the new Rosenthal & Rosenthal, LLC website official website. We hope you enjoy your stay and find something of interest.

We'll have many new features to share, and will announce them here as we roll them out in the coming months.

Thanks for visiting.